Lesson 4: Importance of young people

Involving young people in the development of a sustainable model to reduce food waste is crucial for several reasons. Let’s dive deep into each of them:

1) Youth is simply the future. They are the leaders of tomorrow, and involving them in creating sustainable models will empower and educate them to take action on the issue. As human beings and members of different societies, we have to be aware of our responsibilities in front of the upcoming generations, and they absolutely would like to live in a world where food waste is reduced, and food resources are used efficiently

2) Young people are energetic, creative, and open to new ideas and methods. Involving youth in the development of a sustainable model to reduce food waste will enable us to leverage their originality and innovation, generating solutions that are pertinent and effective for today’s world. Collaborating with young people to develop sustainable models is vital for the future of our beloved planet.

3) Youth is passionate and has less fear of fighting for its ideals. Young minds are powerful advocates for change, and we can leverage their enthusiasm and ever-lasting energy to promote progress and create a better, more sustainable world.

Long story short, it is crucial to involve young people in creating a sustainable model that lessens food waste, as it can play a significant role in educating and inspiring the upcoming generation of leaders. Young people’s creativity, innovation, passion and energy will strengthen our endeavors to build a more sustainable future.