Lesson 3: Agreements with local entrepreneurs

What can we do to make agreements with local entrepreneurs in order to develop a sustainable strategy for food waste? Well, there are various steps we can take:

  • Identifying potential partners: We need to identify potential partners who are interested in working on a sustainable strategy for food waste. For that purpose, we should conduct research to identify local businesses and organizations that made a commitment to reducing food waste.
  • Developing a proposal: Next, we need to develop a proposal that outlines the goals and objectives of the partnership. It should include the specific activities and strategies that will be used to achieve these goals. This proposal should also outline the benefits and opportunities for both parties in detail in the near future.
  • Negotiating and agreeing on terms: We have developed a proposal; now, what to do? We need to negotiate and agree on the terms of the partnership with the local entrepreneurs as well as discuss & agree on the specific roles and responsibilities of each partner. In the agreement, the resources and support that will be provided to help achieve the goals of the partnership should be clearly identified.
  • Signing a partnership agreement: Time for the final move; the final step we need to take is to sign a partnership agreement that formalizes the relationship and sets out the rights and obligations of each part. We should remember that the agreement should be clear and brief. Later on, we will need to review and approve it by legal counsel to ensure that it is legally enforceable.

Following these steps, it is quite possible to build strong & effective partnerships that can support reducing food waste and promoting sustainability.