Lesson 2: How to involve of young people

The amazing energy that young people have may play a crucial role in developing strategies for food waste. So how to attract them?

  • Engaging youth in insightful discussions: If we want to involve young people in developing strategies for food waste, we can invite them to discussions. For example, asking for their input and ideas, and listening to their perspectives and concerns, etc. This may help to educate and empower young minds, resulting in their engagement in the process of developing strategies.
  • Allowing them to participate in decision-making: We should consider involving youth in the decision-making process. Giving young people a seat at the table, inviting them to discussions about strategies, and more can help. This way, we’ll be able to ensure that young minds’ perspectives are considered in the development of strategies.
  • Encouraging them to take action: If we want young people to be more involved in creating strategies to reduce food waste, we can encourage them to take action on the issue. One way to do this is by providing them with information and resources that they can use to develop projects and initiatives. By supporting them in organizing and implementing these initiatives, we can give them the tools and confidence they need to take ownership of the issue and develop solutions that are both practical and impactful.

This approaches will allow us to empower the next generation & make them more engaged in creating a more sustainable future.