Best Practices in Spain

The Government approves the Law for the Prevention of Food Loss and Waste, which will prioritize human consumption and the delivery of products to non-profit organizations and is expected to come into force in January 2023 Good practice: goverment

Light sanctions can reach 2,000 euros- 60,000 euros

An app that allows you to find restaurants and stores around you that sell food at a very low price instead of throwing it away.

Together We Can Make a Difference – YouTube

  1. Soup kitchens close.
  2. Anonymous neighbors, they talk to two supermarkets.
  3. They collect the products and prepare baskets.
  4. They give it to people in need

Some of his golden rules: “if everyone does it, we don’t do it; aesthetics is the last thing, the first thing is that it feels good; children are the customers of the future, who eat the same as adults but presented in a different way; look for old recipes, not the most popular ones on instagram


Surprise pack for 2.99€

Their packs consist of fruit that,throughout each day, they have been seeing that they are less visible, that perhaps the piece is a few days old or that the product is somewhat touched.

“These are things that have to be consumed in a day or two”